Achievement for All

About Achievement for All

As a school we have been involved with Achievement for All since 2012. The aim of the programme is to further develop the partnership between home and school to support children in their learning. There are four key principles to AfA: Leadership, High Quality Teaching and Learning, Structured Conversations and Wider Outcomes.

Our School and Achievement for All

In February 2014 we were awarded our Quality Mark Award. This recognised the hard work and commitment the parents, staff and children had made in embedding the key principles into our school life.

Since 2014 we have been working on our Quality Lead Accreditation, which further develops the hard work we have been doing within our school and our wider community.

When might my child be involved in the AfA program?

During your child’s time at our school, if there is an ongoing or specific concern regarding any aspect of your child’s learning or progress then you will be invited to attend a structured conversation, lasting approximately 30 minutes, with your child’s class teacher. This meeting will replace the normal termly 10 minute parents’ evening appointment.