Our Vision and Aims


Our vision is to provide an excellent education for all, enabling each individual to achieve their very best, in an environment where everyone is valued and respected.

School Ethos and Aims


At The John Moore Primary School we work hard to ensure that:

  • There is an atmosphere of mutual respect, honesty & trust
  • Good manners and politeness are shown to others at all times
  • There is a positive and happy atmosphere
  • We all ‘work hard and play hard’
  • Our school family cares for, encourages and nurtures everyone all feel a sense of belonging
  • We promote teamwork & team spirit & healthy competition through sport, art , music
  • We foster strong home-school partnership with parents and there is an ‘open door ‘ policy
  • Pupils are at the centre of all that we do and individuality is celebrated
  • There is effective communication with all stakeholders
  • There is a strong pupil voice
  • Risk taking is encouraged and there is no fear of failure
  • Everyone is expected to ‘do their best’
  • We share humour and fun with each other

Personal, Social & Emotional

We work hard to ensure that we:

  • Have high expectations of positive behaviour
  • Ensure that pupils are happy, healthy and enjoy coming to school
  • Develop high self-esteem and a sense of self-belief in all
  • Ensure all pupils feel valued and safe
  • Create resilient and independent individuals
  • Develop well rounded and confident individuals
  • Share/ celebrate each other’s successes
  • Ensure pupils are able to develop good relationships with others
  • Encourage pupils to develop a sense of personal responsibility

Teaching and Learning

We work hard to ensure that we:

  • Have a broad, balanced curriculum
  • Ensure learning is accessible/ inclusive to all
  • Ensure that learning is inspiring, exciting, stimulating, creative, engaging and fun
  • Ensure that learning is purposeful, open ended and challenging
  • Ensure that all can be successful learners
  • Have high academic expectations of each individual to enable all to reach their full potential
  • Actively encourage life-long learning

School Environment

We work hard to promote an environment which :

  • Is safe, well maintained and secure
  • Is caring, supportive, nurturing and encouraging
  • Promotes healthy lifestyles and sustainability
  • Is bright, multi-sensory, meaningful and relevant
  • Is stimulating, exciting and motivating
  • Promotes outdoor learning
  • Is accessible to all 
  • Promotes E safety


We work hard to ensure that we:

  • Encourage visitors to our school
  • Ensure the full participation of all stakeholders
  • Be a supportive & encouraging community
  • Be an effective team with all making valuable contributions
  • Create fund raising links
  • Be actively involved in contributing to our local community
  • Be accessible to our local community
  • Study our local community

Wider World

We work hard to:

  • Create understanding, consideration & appreciation of our diverse society
  • Create awareness of current affairs
  • Celebrate differences and similarities
  • Support charitable causes
  • Develop pupils who become ‘good citizens’ as part of society
  • Celebrate our British society and culture
  • Ensure effective partnerships with other schools and communities