About our school

corridoorOur History

463The John Moore Primary was built in two phases, the first in the year 2000 and the second in 2005, on the ‘Wheatpieces’ housing estate in Walton Cardiff, just outside Tewkesbury.

We opened the school to our first intake of approximately 30 children in September 2000.

In 2014 we opened an additional classroom to accommodate a one off extra intake of 30 children. An additional classroom extension was built, which is now the home of the Little Foxes Community play group and after school / breakfast clubs.

Our School Classes

We now have 240 pupils in eight classes:

      • Reception Class: Foundation Stage
      • Class One: Year One
      • Class Two: Year Two
      • Class Three: Year Three
      • Class Four: Year Four F
      • Class Four: Year Four S
      • Class Five: Year Five
      • Class Six: Year Six

To see more information about our classes, please go to our Class Pages.

Our facilities

Our facilities include:

  • Eight permanent class rooms
  • Library
  • The Sparkle Hub
  • Large assembly hall
  • Purpose built Early Years facility which houses the community play group (Little Foxes)

We also have extensive outdoor areas, which include Infant and Junior playgrounds, a large school field, enclosed Early Years play areas, a wildlife area and garden.

Take a tour of our School by clicking here.

Our Staff

Our Teaching Staff comprises of:

  • Five full-time Teachers
  • Six part-time Teachers
  • Ten Teaching Partners

Our Senior Management Team comprises of:

  • Mrs Laing – Headteacher
  • Mr Blakey – Deputy Headteacher
  • Mrs Philcox – Inclusion Manager

We also have a number of support and administrative staff.

To see more information about our Staff click here


International Schools
In 2011 the school received The International School Award at the Intermediate level. This acknowledges the international and cultural teaching and learning across the school. The next stage will be to apply for the full award, once a secure international link has been established.


Eco SchoolsAs a school we feel that it is vital that pupils understand the importance of looking after the world around us.  To this end, the school has established an ECO committee and pupils throughout the school are involved in activities to help make our school, our local community and the wider world around us a ‘greener’ place to live.  Pupils have recently been involved in activities such as ‘The Big Tidy Up’ and tree planting in the local area. We are currently working towards our Green Flag award.


Healthy Schools
Our School has been awarded Healthy School status. This means that the School will promote and support all Children in wellbeing and living a healthy lifestyle.


Further information

We run a number of Clubs and activities as part of the school.  Why not explore our website to find out more about our School, including our House System, School Day and some of the many things we have been doing.