What are Interventions?

Our aim is to ensure that all children reach their educational potential and feel safe and happy at school. Sometimes children need additional support to help them with this and so we offer a wide range of interventions to support children on their learning journeys.  This support can be individual or in small groups and is led by the Inclusion Manager, Mrs Heather Philcox, or a teaching assistant. We are very lucky to have a strong, caring and capable team of teaching assistants who work hard in the classroom and outside.

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Here is a description of some of the interventions that we do in school:

Rapid Reading

An individual reading support programme. The books are fun and bright and contain within them questions to check children’s understanding of what they have read.

Rapid Writing

A writing support programme. The children work in a group and have their own individual writing logs. The sessions start with a spelling section and then focus on sentence formation and punctuation.

Rapid Phonics

Children work as a group to secure their phonetic knowledge.


This is an individual reading programme. Children work through a book which focuses on phonics. It includes lots of non-words to try to stop children from ‘guessing’.

Dancing Bears

This is another reading support programme. It focuses on phonics.

Rapid Maths

Children work in a group. Activities are practical and fun and are followed up with written work.

Talk Boost

This is an intervention that focuses on speech and language skills. Children work in a small group on a variety of activities which extend their language skills.

Reading Comprehension Group 

Small group work focusing on reading comprehension skills. Can children answer questions about the text they have read? Why do they think the author has used certain strategies in their writing? etc.

Motor Skills Group

Activities to improve children’s co-ordination skills and motor control.


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