Religious Education Curriculum Overview


The aims of teaching Religious Education at The John Moore Primary are as  follows:

  • To ensure that children develop a broader understanding of different faiths
  • To promote the spiritual, moral and cultural development of children
  • To encourage children to have respect for a person’s different needs, views, faiths, cultures and beliefs (i.e. mutual respect)

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At The John Moore Primary School, RE is usually taught for one session each week across the school or lessons may be blocked when appropriate. Lessons in RE are theme led and structured around key questions from the Agreed Syllabus.

In The Foundation Stage work may be recorded in “My Work” books. In KS1 and KS2 work is recorded in Knowledge and Understanding of the World books.

Children in KS1 focus on Judaism as the additional faith. Children in KS2 focus on Judaism, Islam and Hinduism for the two additional faiths. The additional faiths (Judaism, Hinduism and Islam) are taught through comparisons with Christianity and as separate units.

R.E. is taught in a variety of ways including teacher led, independent research and class discussion.  Discussions may be recorded informally to show pupils responses and contributions. The lesson is not always recorded in writing.

All classes in the school follow the programmes of study from the Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus and furthermore, there is a folder with the R.E. scheme of work for each year group.

R.E. Curriculum Map

Click here to see the Key Stage One R.E. Curriculum Map.

Click here to see the Key Stage Two R.E. Curriculum Map.