Curriculum Overview

The Curriculum Overview

At The John Moore Primary School, our aim is to provide children with a broad and balanced curriculum. The curriculum will ensure that children achieve high academic standards through stimulating and interesting programmes of work. The subjects in the National Curriculum for children of primary school age are English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, History, Geography, Physical Education, Art, Design and Technology, Music, Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship and Religious Education.  Spanish is also taught at Key Stage 1 and French at Key Stage 2.

We try as much as possible to deliver the curriculum in themes. We believe that children of primary school age are much more stimulated by themes made up of linked curriculum areas than by isolated subject teaching. Themes usually last for half a term or a whole term.  Each theme is started with a ‘Launch day’.  This is a stimulating and creative beginning to each theme, planned to enthuse and excite pupils.  Towards the end of each theme, each class also enjoys a ‘Landing day’ to bring their theme to a memorable conclusion.

We aim to employ a range of teaching styles, including teaching individuals, groups and the whole class. Activities will aim to stimulate independent learning through play, investigation, discussion and well-organised classroom organisational systems.

At the end of Key Stage One (Year Two) pupils are assessed by the teacher and given an end of Key Stage One Teacher Assessment level in English, Maths and Science.  In Key Stage Two (Year Six) children undergo Standard Assessment Tests/Assessments, to assess their ability in Mathematics and English and receive a Teacher Assessment level for Science. Each year we publish those results.

We have school policies for each of the curriculum areas and regularly review our Teaching and Learning Policy. You will be welcome to read these at any time.