House System

The House System at The John Moore Primary School is a valuable part of school life. It provides all of the children with an opportunity to improve their team-work and sense of cooperative working. There are opportunities to earn points for your house in and outside of the curriculum. Points could be earned for academic achievements, politeness (above the normal expectations), considerate behaviour, leading by example and putting others before themselves. In addition to this we raise a strong sense of team spirit at our annual ‘Sports Day’ event when all of the children are keen to represent their house and earn points!

Each week the children earn House (Dojo) Points for their houses and this is then celebrated in our weekly ‘Sparkle Assembly’, where Year 6 pupil monitors present the results for the week. Cubes are then added to  the ‘House Point Cube display’ which is prominently on display in the main hall.



At the end of each term the House Point Shield is awarded to the house with the most cubes in the counter and the appropriate coloured rosette attached to the shield.

Our Houses

As John Moore was a local environmentalist the houses all have animal names. The houses at The John Moore Primary School are:

Picture3Rabbits (Red) Picture2Foxes (Blue)
Picture4Badgers (Yellow) Picture1Hedgehogs (Green)