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Working together to keep our Children safe online


‘Anti-bullying Week – w.c November 17th 2014

Anti-Bullying Week

The week beginning Monday November 17th 2014 is our annual week in school when we reinforce work that we undertake all year round in ensuring that all pupils understand that ‘bullying’ is not acceptable in our school and that they know what to do if they ever feel they are being bullied

The John Moore Primary School……………..


Remember to ……….. 

  • Tell an adult at school
  • Tell a friend
  • Use the sharing box
  • Tell your mum / dad or the person who looks after you
  • Say NO!

It is very important that as teachers and parents we emphasise to children that all children will have friendship issues and difficulties with friends during their time at school—this is a natural part of growing up and learning to get along with the wide variety of people that we come across in our world.   As parents and teachers we support our children by teaching them positive ways to resolve any difficulties they may come across.

At The John Moore Primary School incidents of ’bullying’ are extremely rare and we feel that on these very rare occasions the school deals with any issues firmly and involves parents quickly to ensure issues are resolved and that pupils are well supported. If you feel this is not the case—please DO come and discuss with us how you feel we improve on our procedures.

During ’Anti-Bullying week we try to ensure that pupils understand the answers to key questions such as: What is a bully? What should you do if you feel you are being bullied? (see the 5 points above). We try to ensure that pupils understand what a bully ‘is not’ as well as what a bully ‘is and ‘does’.   These messages will be reinforced in assemblies and during activities in classes during next week. Our key message is that they should ‘tell somebody’, that they will be ‘listened to’ and ‘we will help’. Please take time to read our   Anti-bullying policy which is available on the school website or can be obtained in hard copy from the school office on request.

‘Pyjama day’ for Children in Need

The John Moore Primary School

Children in Need


Friday November 14th 2014

Thursday November 6th 2014

Dear parents/carers,

To support Children in Need, the Pupil Council are organising a pyjama day! To take part you must bring in a donation of £1 minimum to help support Children in Need. In exchange for your donation you can wear your pyjamas, nightwear and dressing gowns, instead of your school uniform to school!

We suggest you wear tights or long socks underneath your pyjamas due to harsh weather. Please also ensure that you wear proper shoes and bring a coat.

It is on Friday 14th November which is National Children in Need day. Lessons will carry on as usual!

With many thanks for your support.

Yours sincerely



Henry Evetts and Jess Macrae (Heads of Pupil Council)